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French Election 2022 – The Power of Narrative

Joe Polson

The narrative surrounding an election becomes that election itself, or at least that’s the sense I got discussing French electoral politics with Dr Aurelien Mondon, a senior lecturer at the University of Bath and expert in Comparative French politics. That is the power of the narrative. For France the choice is clear, a Centralist President […]

Valérie Pécresse – a Challenger to Macron

Geneviève Talon
Conférence de Valérie Pécresse : « Économie, entreprises et innovation : quels facteurs de croissance ? »

The French presidential elections will take place on the 10 and 24 April, 2022. If, on the evening of the 10 April, no candidate gets an absolute majority outright – and this is the most likely scenario – the two best-placed candidates will qualify for the run-off round two weeks later. An unusual election What […]