Category: Global Politics

Migration – is it undervalued?

Hazel Pennington

No one can have been unmoved by the image of three year old Alan Kurdi, drowned on the last stretch of the family’s flight from war in Syria to safety in the European Union. Thousands fleeing war, persecution, poverty and the chaos of changing climate have died in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean. Human […]

Requiem of “The West”?

Helmut Hubel

In the Atlantic Charter of 14 August 1941 the United States and the United Kingdom set out the goals for the world, after Nazi Germany had been defeated. Later, when the Cold War began and the Soviet Union was regarded as primary enemy, the two Western powers worked hard to preserve their values, based on […]

God and the Devil or Honesty and Dishonesty

Helmut Hubel

In ancient times when a disaster had occurred (a seven year drought, flooding, diseases etc) people explained it as a “curse of God”. Read the Old Testament: The ancient Jews argued that “God’s people” no longer believed in him and had turned to other gods. Later, Martin Luther argued that sin comes directly from the […]

Months of lockdown have cleaned our planet: let’s keep it that way

Hazel Pennington

Can we make something really positive out of the global tragedy of Covid-19? We are in a climate emergency. We have to make big cuts in our carbon emissions. Transport powered by fossil fuel is a massive contributor to an individual’s carbon footprint. During the lockdown, largely thanks to car use plummeting, our air was […]

Johnson’s amateurs learn to ‘lie like an Englishman’

Philip Cole

What is the purpose of negotiations? The aim is, or should be to reach a settlement that satisfies both sides. This is what most adults understand by ‘fairness’. And negotiations require hard work. A bit of background: The Withdrawal Agreement establishes the terms of the UK’s orderly withdrawal from the EU, in accordance with Article […]

Johnson follows Trump’s lead with attacks on our democracy

Paul Ryder

When the outgoing Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor Sir Mark Sedwill confided to a colleague in reference to the Johnson-Cummings duo now leading in Downing Street that “they really want a presidential system”, it was a comment which needed to be taken seriously. The presidential system operating in the United States is supposed to […]

Germany will not pander to UK folly

Helmut Hubel

The British government appears determined not to prolong the interim period for negotiating a trade deal with the EU, and equally determined to leave the Union at the end of 2020, with or without an agreement on future relations. The second half of this year will therefore see the endgame in the EU-UK relationship. Germany […]

What does ‘health for all’ really mean?

Dr Phil Hammond

We spend trillions globally on ‘health’ – from high tech health services to health supplements and even health food.  I regularly go to meetings on health protection, health screening, health promotion, health education, health and wellbeing, health and safety – and I work in a National Health Service that spends £120bn a year serving the […]