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Electric Vehicles – 1. The Battery Revolution

Mark Haller
EV charging, photo from Pixabay

Electric Vehicle battery prices have fallen dramatically and will continue to fall as engineers and scientists focus on design improvements and innovation. But issues are raised around mining, re-use and recycling.

No to No-Deal, Get a Good Deal

Colin Gordon

A socially-distanced public protest organized by Oxford for Europe took place at the BMW Mini Plant, Cowley on Thursday 8 October 2020. Key city figures back protest calling for deal to save Cowley. Key figures in Oxford’s community, academia, local government, Labour and business have welcomed UNITE’s new campaign for a Brexit deal. Several major […]

Betting on a costly space race: MPs probe OneWeb satellite deal

Dr Monica Horten

Dr Monica Horten, a policy analyst specialising in Internet governance & European policy, has recently published a damning article on the procurement of a share in the OneWeb satellite system. We quote this in full from her site. Last week, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee called in satellite industry experts to […]

What’s it like working with the European Commission?

Guy Maughfling

Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, each year on 11 September I send a text message to my old boss to remind him that another year has passed since we were together on that terrible day in 2001: 9/11. We were in Paris, working as trustees for the European Commission (EC), overseeing the first […]

The EU’s Green Deal is Good for All

Guy Maughfling

In decarbonisation lessons, one of the first thing you learn is a simple rule: with respect to greenhouse gas emissions coal is worse than oil, which is worse than gas. As a result, policy makers have consciously encouraged switching to lower emitting fossil fuels. This is low-hanging fruit: greenhouse gas emissions reduce without the cost […]

Cummings and Big Tech: Good Goal – Wrong Path

Robert Whitfield

Many people see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as key to the future of humanity.  At the moment the US and China are the only two players in the game: some suggest that the race has already started and that it is too late for new entrants, leaving UK, Europe and the rest of the world to […]

For Airbus a ‘no-deal’ Brexit would be disastrous

Robert Whitfield

So, 30 June 2020 has passed, we have not asked for an extension to the Brexit Transition Agreement, and we now have until this coming October to finalise the terms of our relationship with the European Union. If we fail to agree a deal, suppliers across the land will be deeply affected – not least […]