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Russian Oligarchs’ Influence in British Politics

Andrew Milroy
Nine Russian Oligarchs (Deripaska is top centre) - Source: Wikimedia - CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear Sir, How did the Russian oligarchs becomes so politically influential in Britain? Oleg Deripaska is at the root of the Tory Party dependency on Russian money. Deripaska, ironically now sanctioned by the British government, was originally targeted by the future Conservative chancellor George Osborne in 2008 when Osborne was partying on the Russian’s £80 […]

China’s stake in Russia targeting Ukraine

Andrew Milroy
Putin and Xi - Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dear Sir, The recent discussions and agreement between Russia and China on Ukraine brought back memories of the infamous Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939, when the Russian leader was duped into  supporting Hitler. Yet a year or so later in 1941 the massive Nazi Barbarossa invasion of the Soviet Union was launched. Russia still bears the […]

Over 4 million Ocean admirers sign Liz Truss’s Valentine’s card

A reader writes...

Dear Editor, London, Monday 14th February 2022 – Greenpeace has sent a Valentine’s card to the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, signed by four and a half million people imploring her to show some love for the world’s oceans by delivering a strong Global Ocean Treaty this March at the UN.  This Valentine’s day, campaigners went to […]

Reply from Tewkesbury MP on Partygate

The Editor

Dear Editor, I wrote to my MP Laurence Robertson, the Conservative MP for Tewkesbury, expressing my anger about the claims of parties in Downing Street. This is the reply below. I don’t mind that it is a standard reply because at least he has written it and it is not a ‘cut and paste’ from […]

Open Letter to Liz Truss No. 2 – January 2022

Sue Wilson MBE

Dear Liz, It’s a month since my last letter and I’m still eagerly awaiting your response. I appreciate it’s been a busy time for you, especially with you wearing so many ministerial hats. Your quest to replace Boris Johnson in No. 10 must also be quite demanding of your time. I would venture that your […]

Covid Testing Fails in the South West

Andrew Milroy

Ed: 24 October: Updated with latest stats from UK Health Security Agency. Ed: Please send copies of this letter to your MP and local newspaper so that we get a proper investigation. Dear Sir, Serious doubts are growing about the government policy of out-sourcing Covid testing contracts to private companies. One such company is Immensa, […]

Distinguished Opponents of A303 Stonehenge Tunnel to speak at Webinar

A reader writes...

Dear Editor, On 23 June, a legal challenge against the Government’s plans for the Stonehenge Tunnel will come to court. It is the last chance to stop massive and irreparable damage being done to the archaeology and landscape of Britain’s most iconic World Heritage Site.  To say that the status of Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage […]

Welcome to Issue 7 of West England Bylines!

The Editor

We launched in June and now have over 120 articles for you to read.This “Bulletin” is to show you around our site and to tell how you can interact with us. Click on our Sections at the top of each page for our archive of West England, UK and Global articles. Support tells you a […]

The rotting foundations of Downing Street…

A reader writes...

Dear Editor Downing Street was built by a dodgy speculative builder called George Downing who Samuel Pepys – the famous diarist – described as a “perfidious rogue”, deceitful and untrustworthy. Downing built the terrace of houses on soft soil with shallow, rotten foundations – which fits with Downing Street’s current tenants. The foundations of the […]

Playing Russian roulette with our nation’s future…

Peter Burke

Dear West England Bylines Recently, we at Oxford For Europe played host via Zoom to Dominic Grieve and Michael Dougan. The main focus of questioners was of course the Russia report, of which Dominic was the principal author. Though at the time he was unable to disclose the contents of the report, he was very […]

Letters to the editor…

A reader writes...

We always welcome letters from our readers. Please write to us at: We can’t promise always to publish them – but we will always read them…