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Правда  (Pravda) – Nothing but the ‘Truth’

Dr Helmut Hubel
First Issue of Pravda 1922 - CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m old enough to have witnessed life during Soviet times. In 1974, as a student of Russian language and literature, I attended a summer language course at the seaside resort of Sestroretsk, northwest of Leningrad. Our group was accompanied by a Russian ‘guide’ who, we later found out, was reporting to the authorities about our […]

On Another Planet

James Campbell

If Britain is “Global”, then it must be on some other planet, because it’s not “Global” here on Earth! Such is the feeling you get reading the contrasting accounts of the daily news from the British and European media. Since moving to Portugal at the end of 2020 I have seen first-hand how the UK […]

NEUws from Elsewhere

Philip Cole

France: first the disturbing news More than a thousand mostly retired officers, including twenty generals, have published an open letter with a barely concealed call for a military coup in France, reports the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on 29 April. They want to prevent what they call the ‘disintegration’ of France. Only military ‘intervention’, they […]

Have we lost the Last Traces of an Impartial Press?

The Editor

Write to us at Ed: I received this post from a disillusioned observer of the testimony of Nicola Sturgeon and the press reaction to it. I thought it worth reproducing in full as it asks many questions of the impartiality of our mainstream media. Jim McGinley writes … I watched and listened to all […]

News from across Europe

Philip Cole

The emancipation of the stupid Luxembourg’s Tageblatt (22.02) has a profile of Serbia, which has the highest vaccination rate in Europe (after UK). However, infection rates are rising because of a cavalier attitude towards precautionary measures. The paper prints a photo of the investiture of the Serbian Orthodox patriarch in a cathedral full to bursting: […]

Welcome to 2021 – Outside the EU

Jon Hill

Many people are marking the end of an era with some poignant articles. The consequences of our decision to actually leave the European Union are becoming apparent.Here are some takes from the world press. This from a descendent of German refugees electing to become a German citizen rather than stay with this country without values […]

The British press is obsessed with the American elections!

Melissa Chemam

The US election 2020 took place on Tuesday 3 November. Even by Tuesday 10 November the British press continues to cover of the election exclusion of so many important issues at home and worldwide. As a journalist who has worked on foreign affairs since 2005, it seems obvious that this focus has only intensified. And […]

NEUws from elsewhere (02.10)

Philip Cole

On a Swiss roll Relations between Switzerland and the EU are governed by a series of bilateral treaties and  the Swiss Confederation has adopted various provisions of European Union law in order to participate in the Union’s single market, without joining as a member state. On Sunday, 27 September the Swiss voted in a referendum […]

Neuws and opinion from elsewhere

Philip Cole

Johnson the creator of a United Ireland? The PM’s criminal determination to flout international law has caused anger, particularly in Ireland, the UK’s closest neighbour, but some commentators also see it as an opportunity. Speaking in the Free State Seanad in 1924, the poet WB Yeats predicted he would not see a united Ireland in his […]

Neuws from elsewhere…the Belarus crisis

Philip Cole

Philip Cole provides his regular look at how Europe is reporting on itself…and on us… This bulletin: the Belarus crisis and the European Union’s response… ‘A far-off country of which we know nothing’, as Neville Chamberlain (almost) said about Czechoslovakia. But the foreign press has been monitoring the situation closely. (Latvian Public Broadcasting) announced […]

Neuws from elsewhere…

Philip Cole

Philip Cole provides our regular look at how Europe is reporting on itself…and on us… This bulletin: the Coronavirus pandemic Germany calls for solidarity Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has appealed to Germans to show solidarity with the EU and accept a higher level of indebtedness to help finance the reconstruction fund. ‘The fund cannot […]