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Some Thoughts on Loss and the Art of Losing

Paul Ryder

I recently heard the topic ‘The Art of Losing’, discussed on the Radio 4 programme Just a Minute. It was very funny, but not illuminating on the topic itself. I enjoyed it – it was comedy not an education programme. Can Losing be an Art Form? But, losing as an art form? I thought not. […]

A Migrant’s Prayer

Richard Wain

I stand in the dark, the waves lap the shore.For days now I’ve travelled, how long I’m not sure.But I’m here at last, about to set sail.To start a new life. To begin a new tale In a land without war where I might find a life.Where I might leave behind all the torment and strife.The blood of my father, the rubble […]

Christmas Morning

Martin Griffiths

The ground is iron,Diamond white,Laced with pearlsOf frozen light. The spiked Holly,A silvered Queen,The winter windA Vixen’s scream. A winter waltzOf ice and glass,A song of leaving.A frozen Mass

Musical Notes

Martin Griffiths

Ed: This poem from Martin is part of a collection of poems and illustrations which his wife, Pamela Richmond, has bound as her exhibition entry for ‘A Gathering of Leaves‘, the Designer Bookbinders International Competition, to be held at the Bodleian Library next year. We also show a picture of Pamela’s unique, leather bound Fine […]

Walk – A Poem

Martin Griffiths

Write to us at I’ve walked this way before.Down the steep slopeInto a fog of darkness Where iron-black treesCage my breathWith their un-giving silence. Then I find youStanding besides me.Taking my hand,Intertwining our fingers,We walk together once more. Out through the cutting cold,The drizzle and the dark.Back up onto Harebell Hill Where once, a warmer […]


Adrian Mealing

Write to us at Riff-raff and roughthe folks round hereand we love that stuffwhen we go for a beer riff-raff and roughit’s true, beg your pardonbut do you fancy salt crispsand a beer in our garden? riff-raff and so roughI’m needing a fixin the garden of lovewith a beer, up to six oh, riff-raff and […]


It’s just the Colour

Martin Griffiths

It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a coatI bought to wear. I also feel the sun,Smell the earthAnd hear the birds sing. I work and play,Dance and eatAnd hold my child’s hand. I kiss, I love,I smile, I cryAnd if I’m pricked, I bleed. It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a […]

A Stranger in my own Land

Martin Griffiths

I feel like a stranger.Living in a strange land. Yet, I was born and raisedAmongst the English Greens.I even sang JerusalemAlthough not knowing what it means. But I mowed my lawnAnd I trimmed my hedge.I read Cider with RosieUp on Stinchcombe Edge. I even played CricketAll dressed in white,I celebrated The AshesAnd drank beer all […]


Adrian Mealing

The Rule of Six, the Gang of FourThree Musketeers banging on your doorPilates Seven, The Yoga Ten?That’s illegal, begone those menthe question dodgers, the clichéd speakersbutter wouldn’t melt, the havoc wreakersI wouldn’t lend you my oldest sneakerslet alone share my chicken tikkas ditch the ones who lie and feudthrow out the boys with attitudeBoris, Michael, […]

A Poem for Europe Day

Adrian Mealing

EUROPE DAY 2020 – Saturday 9 May Asparagus & spinach need pickinglate crops need plantingimport tightly packed Romanians into Lutonkeep it quiet Genius! Let’s get all thefurloughed workers into overalls& mini-vans before dawn. You’ve tried?keep it quiet The PPE on offerfrom the EU. That’s not PCCan’t go there. The Sun, The Mailkeep it quiet It’s […]


Adrian Mealing

Catching up on Normal Peopleone of those steamy interludesof heightened energy. Who does the sound effects?Overdid the carafe at tea-timePause. Be right back Max the fish man from Grimsbyhauls his crabs to Middle EnglandI see dad clowning in MacFisheriesfilleting a mackerel me aged five. Oh, no doshPause. Be right back, Max Transitioning out of Europenot […]