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A Poem for Europe Day

Adrian Mealing

EUROPE DAY 2020 – Saturday 9 May Asparagus & spinach need pickinglate crops need plantingimport tightly packed Romanians into Lutonkeep it quiet Genius! Let’s get all thefurloughed workers into overalls& mini-vans before dawn. You’ve tried?keep it quiet The PPE on offerfrom the EU. That’s not PCCan’t go there. The Sun, The Mailkeep it quiet It’s […]


Adrian Mealing

Catching up on Normal Peopleone of those steamy interludesof heightened energy. Who does the sound effects?Overdid the carafe at tea-timePause. Be right back Max the fish man from Grimsbyhauls his crabs to Middle EnglandI see dad clowning in MacFisheriesfilleting a mackerel me aged five. Oh, no doshPause. Be right back, Max Transitioning out of Europenot […]