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Two District Councils record Zero Rough Sleepers

Julian Greenbank

On the 31 December 2021, the Districts Councils of the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire both recorded zero ‘rough sleepers‘ (people sleeping on the streets) for the first time since 2013. This achievement comes after the Liberal Democrats won control of both councils. In South Oxfordshire they formed a coalition with the Greens. […]

A Reshuffle for Rural Affairs

George Richmond

On Monday 29 November Keir Starmer decided to continue his crusade of making Labour ‘election ready’. Starmer undertook a reshuffle that brought forward some political heavy-weights including Yvette Cooper (Shadow Home Secretary) and David Lammy (Shadow Foreign Secretary). Those on the left of the Party saw it as a final purge of the Corbyn era […]

Does The Cotswolds need “Levelling Up”? Yes it does!

Paul Hodgkinson

The Cotswolds is a beautiful place to live, and having made it my home for 32 years, I feel proud to represent some of the area’s iconic places like Bourton on the Water. Yet it isn’t simply a museum for tourists, it’s a thriving district with a strong rural economy and history. But what makes […]

Cotswolds Ecosystem in Danger – Part 2 – River Pollution

George Richmond

“There’s water, water of life”. Those words were part of a hymn I had to sing at my small C of E primary school in the heart of the Cotswolds as a child. While little water runs through the village of Chedworth where my school lay, the Cotswolds has certainly been blessed with at least […]

Rural Communities cut off by Cuts!

George Richmond

Rural communities are a small proportion of our society, with only 17% of people living in rural areas in the UK, including myself. However isolation and loneliness are real issues for many in these communities. The pandemic has highlighted this isolation further and our post-Covid recovery offers a clear opportunity to tackle these issues. The […]