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Russian Oligarchs’ Influence in British Politics

Andrew Milroy
Nine Russian Oligarchs (Deripaska is top centre) - Source: Wikimedia - CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear Sir, How did the Russian oligarchs becomes so politically influential in Britain? Oleg Deripaska is at the root of the Tory Party dependency on Russian money. Deripaska, ironically now sanctioned by the British government, was originally targeted by the future Conservative chancellor George Osborne in 2008 when Osborne was partying on the Russian’s £80 […]

Russia’s War Crime in Bucha – when will the ‘Jug’ Break?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Bucha Massacre - Ronaldo Schemidt - CC BY 2.0

Ed: Warning! This article necessarily contains a distressing image. There is a proverb: “The jug goes to the well until it breaks”. The meaning is that even though you can use something, it may contain flaws that will lead it to ultimately fail. If you have read my short article on Pravda (March 12, 2022),you […]

Germany: No more ‘Trading State’ and ‘Civilian Power’

Dr Helmut Hubel
Schröder and Putin November 2001 - FAZ

Russia’s war against Ukraine has not only annihilated countless human lives and completely destroyed whole cities. It has also unmasked decades-old myths, one of which concerns Germany as a ‘Trading State’ and ‘Civilian Power’. After the peaceful revolution in East Germany, the successful political process towards unification and the integration of the East into the […]

Putin the Terrible

Dr Helmut Hubel
Ivan the Terrible and son - Repin - Wikimedia Public Domain

Above is a famous painting by Ilya Repin (1844-1930) of ‘Ivan the Terrible and his Son’. The painter, one of Russia’s greatest artists, depicted the scene after the historian Nikolai Karamzin, who described how in 1581 the Tsar had hit his own son in terrible anger leading to his later death from his wounds. The […]

Putin is not learning from History

Andrew Milroy
Russian Tank destroyed in Mariupol - CC BY 4.0 (Міністерство внутрішніх справ України (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine)

Embroiled in its invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army is now avoiding the formidable Ukraine armed forces and seeking to undermine Ukrainian morale by using cruise missiles and bombs to destroy civilian targets. Destroying buildings and infrastructure without putting infantry on the ground will not work. Russia’s own history in the “Great Patriotic War” 1941-1945 […]

The Orwellian Playbook

Mike Cashman
Steven Bray - One man Protest - With permission from Steven Bray

George Orwell in his classic novel ‘1984’ portrayed a totalitarian regime whose policies were justified by the need to fight a fictional enemy. Some modern leaders are following this ‘Orwellian Playbook’. The Tactics I have observed his tactics over the last few years. I have seen the invention of a bogeyman outside his own country […]

The Bear and the Dove

Richard Wain

The trees will stand together.The forest will endure.There will be peace tomorrow and the bear will be no more. The forest once stretchedfrom the sea to the sky,and the bear was its keeper.A watchman, whose eye would never be swayedfrom his greed and his gain.He dreamed that the forestcould be once again the mightiest kingdom,both brutal […]

A reader writes to the Russian Ambassador

Kerry Ann Christelow

Dear Editor, Like most people, I am shocked and appalled by what is happening in Ukraine.  I have donated to the DEC Ukraine appeal but felt that I needed to do more.  I sat down at my computer to try and get my thoughts on what has happened, in writing.  It turned into a letter […]

Правда  (Pravda) – Nothing but the ‘Truth’

Dr Helmut Hubel
First Issue of Pravda 1922 - CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m old enough to have witnessed life during Soviet times. In 1974, as a student of Russian language and literature, I attended a summer language course at the seaside resort of Sestroretsk, northwest of Leningrad. Our group was accompanied by a Russian ‘guide’ who, we later found out, was reporting to the authorities about our […]

‘Twas Ever Thus

Paul Ryder
KYIV, UKRAINE - Feb. 25, 2022: War of Russia against Ukraine. Rescue service works near a house destroyed by Russian rocket in Kyiv

Ever since the dawn of time, there have been strong men, strong groups and strong armies battering and grasping weaker ones. Roman armies laid waste to Gaul and conquered vast territories for gain. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan did the same in Asia. Attila the Hun. The Duke of Normandy burned, raped and pillaged […]

International Laws but no Justice for Ukraine

Bob Copeland
International Criminal Court in Den Haag - CC BY-SA 4 0

Everybody across the world is united in the desire to live in peace with justice for all, nobody wants to see their towns and cities reduced to rubble. So how do we get justice for Ukraine? The Path to War in Ukraine After Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in 2014, Russia annexed Crimea in […]

Russian Novelist and Playwright says Putin’s “Goose is Cooked”

Jon Hill

Vladimir Sorokin, in an exclusive Süddeutsche Zeitung article, explains how the Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin has morphed from a beacon of hope into a monster. However Sorokin believes that the invasion of Ukraine is a step too far and presages the end of Putin’s despotic regime. Putin’s Goose is Cooked. 24 February 2022 was the […]

Ukraine: Britain’s Responsibility

Joe Polson
Map of the British Polish Ukrainian Trilateral on Geostrategy - CC BY-SA 4.0

Fear. It’s perhaps the greatest word one could use to sum up Western foreign policy since the Second World War. It was a fear of the growing Soviet/Communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe, Asia and South America which dominated the agenda. This fear masks the fact that Britain has a responsibility to Ukraine. Since the fall […]

Murderer of Peace

Martin Griffiths

The invasion of Ukraine by Putin and Russian forces is not only a human tragedy caused by a desperate move by a desperate man, it has at last made Western and European democracies come together against a tyrant and totalitarian rulers such as Putin. It should remind everyone in the UK that being truly European […]

Jacob, his Millions and his Conscience

Hadrian Cook
Investment Banking - Pix4Free

The year 1956 was hardly the best. It saw the last roar of the Imperial British Lion in Suez, followed by the resignation of the Old Etonian and Oxford educated prime minister Anthony Eden. As if to compensate, Britain commenced a series of nuclear tests. Hungary was invaded by the Soviet Union. I was but […]

Ukraine and Russia have a Troubled History

Andrew Milroy
War_in_Ukraine_(2022)_en CC0 1.0 Universal

In 1932-33 there was a catastrophic famine in Ukraine, which was entirely man-made, resulting from a deliberate policy directed by Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator. Stalin is idolised by Vladimir Putin. Known in Ukraine as the ‘Holodomor’ or ‘Murder by Starvation’.  At least 3.9 million Ukrainians died in that famine. The U.N. estimated 7 to […]

What can we do about Vladimir Putin?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Vladimir Putin - Source: Wikimedia Commons

What could prevent (or could have prevented) Putin from conquering Ukraine? Unfortunately, there are only a few options – and they’re all too late or impractical. On 21 February 2022, one day after the Beijing Winter Olympics had finished, Vladimir Putin openly declared war against Ukraine. As Putin’s aggressive and murderous regime has demonstrated during […]

China’s stake in Russia targeting Ukraine

Andrew Milroy
Putin and Xi - Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dear Sir, The recent discussions and agreement between Russia and China on Ukraine brought back memories of the infamous Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939, when the Russian leader was duped into  supporting Hitler. Yet a year or so later in 1941 the massive Nazi Barbarossa invasion of the Soviet Union was launched. Russia still bears the […]

How much Hitler is in Putin?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Start of Orange Revolution - Independence Square Kyiv - (CC BY-SA 3.0)

At first glance, this question seems stupid, completely out of place. And I am certainly not thinking of Hitler’s ultimate goals – conquering the Soviet Union and annihilating Europe’s Jewish population. These horrendous crimes will remain unique. However, what I am concerned with is the problem of ‘revanchism’. Germany (and its allies) had lost World […]

Stal-Put-in’s Anthem

Dr Helmut Hubel
Anthem of the Russian Federation - Wikipedia

In the last chapter of the Memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich, recorded and edited by the musicologist Solomon Volkov, there is a detailed description of how the State Anthem of the Soviet Union was created. During Soviet times this book of the emigrant Volkov had been denounced as a “malicious forgery” and only after 1991 did […]

Russia’s new Stalinism kills ‘Memorial’

Dr Helmut Hubel

On 28 December 2021 Russia’s Supreme Court, in an action redolent of Stalinism, ordered the closure of ‘Мемориал‘ (Memorial) – the country’s last and most prestigious symbol of civil society. Founded by the late Andrei Sacharov in 1987, during the period of Gorbachev’s ‘glasnost’ (openness), this organization had taken on the courageous and daunting task […]