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This Culture of Racism is not Cricket

Nabeela Akhtar

I see Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the England and Wales Cricket Board are making headlines for a culture of racism that continues unabashed. We have multiple Asian and Black cricketers dehumanised and degraded, racist slurs casually used and racist action over a number of years. I actively resist the temptation to veer into flippant comment, as […]

Build your own Martial Arts Studio at Home

Charlene Roth

Working out at home is an excellent alternative when you can’t get to the gym. For martial artists especially, having a functional home gym is a great way to complement your regimen and to meet your fitness goals. Keeping your space safe, comfortable and productive requires some preparation though. In this article I explain what […]

Is there room for Nationalism, Patriotism … and Football?

Hadrian Cook

Empire Day (14th March) was celebrated from the death of the Queen Victoria in 1901 until the 1950s when it had to be acknowledged the British Empire was in terminal decline. Schoolchildren were excused lessons and obliged to wave the Union Jack and sing patriotic songs. In the mid-1920s, one group of little horrors (my […]