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Immigration. Is History just repeating itself?

Martin Griffiths
Little Amal - Source:

The internationally renowned giant puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian displaced child visited Cheltenham this month. ‘Little Amal’ had just left Lviv in Ukraine, where she met displaced children and families fleeing the violence of war. She was in Gloucestershire to mark National Refugee Week. Despite the fact that the UK’s own population is a melting […]

Electoral Cooperation works in Surrey

The Editor
Polling Station - CC BY-SA 2.0

A Progressive Alliance worked wonders in the Laleham and Shepperton Green ward of Spelthorne Borough Council in Surrey. It shows the power of electoral cooperation as featured in an article before the elections by West England Bylines. The LibDems endorsed the Greens who put out this leaflet. The local Labour Party privately decided not to […]

Various Shades of Gray

Philip Cole
Downing Street - Source: Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.0

The long-awaited Sue Gray report on Nero and his acolytes enjoying themselves while Rome was burning was finally published on 25 May. It proved to be a huge disappointment. Ms Gray, or the Second Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office, spends 35 pages detailing the parties that took place in Downing Street at a time […]

Social Attitudes and Johnson’s Survival after Partygate

Claire Jones
Karaoke - Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0

The Sue Gray report has done critics of the government a favour. During the past two years, criticisms of the government’s industrial scale dishonesty and moral bankruptcy mostly fell back into left wing echo chambers. But the Gray report has ripped off the veil for all, including the right-wing press, to see. The critics’ arguments are now made a whole lot more credible.

Breaking Bread Together: Community Food Initiatives

Barbara Morrison
Ciabatta - Source: Author

As the cost of living crisis grows, there is little sign that the government is taking effective action to help those who are in real need. In a pre-election interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the prime minister failed to articulate what help may be available to a pensioner struggling to make ends meet. Shortly after, […]

The Degrading and Renewal of UK Democracy – Part 1

Paul Ryder
Mother of Parliaments - Image by Bidyut Das on pixabay

Some Examples and Consequences of a Failing UK Democracy Once leaders of nations have broken laws and rules to gain power, they then have to break more of them to retain it and make use of it. This slippery slope is seen very clearly with Putin’s Russia, committing vile crimes against innocent people in Ukraine, […]

Campaigners urge Starmer to moderate hardline backing for Brexit

The Editor
Kier Starmer - Source: Official Portrait -

Ed: This is a press release from Grassroots for Europe Update 26 April 2022: From Steve Rouse, Chair of Swindon for Europe:I felt compelled to write the first draft of the letter to Starmer because I was alarmed at the brainwashing effect his words, ‘There is NO case for Britain rejoining EU”, will have on […]

Letter to John Howell, MP for Henley – Stop Defending the Indefensible

Claire Jones

Dear Mr Howell, Thank you for your reply. The views you express echo those of other government ministers and deserve scrutiny. The scope of concern You may well have a bin reserved for the ravings of your ‘woke leftie’ constituents. But let’s be absolutely clear that the concerns being raised over Johnson’s recent law breaking […]

Russian Oligarchs’ Influence in British Politics

Andrew Milroy
Nine Russian Oligarchs (Deripaska is top centre) - Source: Wikimedia - CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear Sir, How did the Russian oligarchs becomes so politically influential in Britain? Oleg Deripaska is at the root of the Tory Party dependency on Russian money. Deripaska, ironically now sanctioned by the British government, was originally targeted by the future Conservative chancellor George Osborne in 2008 when Osborne was partying on the Russian’s £80 […]


The Political Impact of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

Mike Cashman

What would you do, as a government, if you had wanted to do the right thing with the worst public health crisis this century, but even so had made some bad mistakes? You would hold an Inquiry to learn lessons as soon as possible. What, alternatively, would you do, if you had corruption and skulduggery […]


Bojo the Clown takes over the Circus

Malcolm Atkins
Title Page of Bojo the Clown takes over the Circus - Source: author

Bojo the Clown is a happy go lucky narcissist circus entertainer who bears no relation to any public figure we know and loathe. The stories are light hearted children’s entertainment with no underlying caveat about the dangers of allowing dangerous sociopaths unlimited and unaccountable power through their coercion and manipulation of others. Ed: Bojo the […]

Letter to my MP – Johnson must fall on his Sword

Andrew Milroy
Johnson - Andrew Parsons - Downing Street - CC BY-SA 4 0

Dear Dr Murrison, In January 1977 in the High Court Lord Denning, (described by Margaret Thatcher, as probably the greatest English judges of modern times),  in a ruling against the then Attorney-General, quoted Dr Thomas Fuller who wrote in 1733 “Be you ever so high, the law is above you”. Boris Johnson made history when […]


Opposition Parties Agree On Electoral Cooperation

Claire Jones
Polling Station - Source: Secret London 123 - CC BY-SA 2.0

Ed: This article shows how electoral co-operation is being handled by opposition parties and is helping them gain seats in the West England region. A Momentous Agreement There has recently been a remarkable parting of the clouds in UK politics. For the past 100 years, we have been in the grip of a ‘winner takes […]

Open Letter to Lord Frost

Sue Wilson MBE
Lord Frost Article 6 April 2022 - Twitter

Dear David, As we’re old friends now, I’m sure you’ll forgive the informality of my address. I thought you would rather prefer David to ‘Frosty’, with or without the ‘no-man’ handle. I note that, despite your resignation from your role as Brexit Minister, we have not been spared your ruminations on all things Brexit-related. I […]

Live Worse for Less – The Chancellor’s Diktat

Barbara Morrison
The Rich and the Poor - Source: Pixabay Free to use

When I wrote about the looming cost of living crisis back in January, the outlook was bleak for the most vulnerable people in society. After the chancellor’s spring statement, it is clear that he is not prepared to support those in most need. In response to widespread criticism of the measures announced, Rishi Sunak has now […]

Greenpeace deliver petitions to ‘Wasteminster’

The Editor

Wasteminster – Greenpeace deliver almost half million strong petition to Downing Street, after UK exports 123,039 tonnes of plastic waste to Turkey in 2021. Greenpeace campaigners today delivered petitions from the UK and Turkey to 10 Downing Street, calling on the UK government to stop dumping plastic waste in Turkey. Last year, the UK exported […]

A Faux Pas Too Far

Peter Burke

Boris Johnson excelled himself by comparing the UK and Ukraine. Whatever was he thinking? Is he really so indifferent to world opinion? Another take on this affair

The Orwellian Playbook

Mike Cashman
Steven Bray - One man Protest - With permission from Steven Bray

George Orwell in his classic novel ‘1984’ portrayed a totalitarian regime whose policies were justified by the need to fight a fictional enemy. Some modern leaders are following this ‘Orwellian Playbook’. The Tactics I have observed his tactics over the last few years. I have seen the invention of a bogeyman outside his own country […]

Rudyard Kipling – ‘The Flag of their Country’

Jim Price
Union Flag - CC-BY-SA-2-0

Rudyard Kipling was an imperialist and a patriot – he certainly loved his country, indeed he loved it to death, shamelessly using his connections to arrange a commission in the Irish Guards for his hopelessly short-sighted son John,  only for the boy to be killed on his first day in action at the battle of […]

Johnson insults Ukraine – A New Low

Sue Wilson MBE
Boris Johnson - Dianna Bonner - CC BY 2.0

Listening to our Prime Minister make crass, inappropriate, even insulting comments is unhappily nothing new. We’ve grown accustomed to his style, his language, his need to please his own party. He has done so at our expense. He’s embarrassed us, made us angry and shamed our once great nation. We thought we’d seen the worst […]

Attack on the BBC

Andrew Milroy
Broadcasting House

Andy Milroy regrets government interference and the loss of the BBC as a powerful independent voice – something we need now more than ever. Can we trust Nadine Dorries with it?