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A great victory for Ardern and democracy in NZ

Paul Ryder

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand (NZ) Prime Minister, celebrated her Labour Party’s success in the recent elections, winning 61 of the 120 seats in the House of Representatives. This is the first single-party Government since the new system of proportional representation voting system replaced the first-past-the-post system in 1996. Before now, and since 1996, coalition Government […]

In Limbo – a seemingly endless tale of perfidious Albion

Book Review by X Libris

An updated and expanded version of In Limbo has recently been published by Spokesman Books. The first edition covered the fears, anxieties and feelings of betrayal – by the UK, by friends and, in some cases, by families – of EU citizens living in the UK. Does the updated version tell us of a happy […]

Spoof News Film Review

Martin Griffiths

New Bond film postponed! Cinemas closing! ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ re-make cancelled! But, good news! The staff here at Spoof News have been secretly collaborating with a Westminster Film Club to review a re-make of ‘The Green Mile’ film, in which a condemned inmate, walks to his demise followed by the incessant chants […]

A letter from Uni

George Richmond

Since last Sunday I have had my eyes glued to this very screen in which I am now endeavouring to write this piece. Whilst physically I have crossed from the West of England to the East and am back within the brick walls of my university accommodation, most of my classes languish on the virtual […]

Of Starship Captains, Fishing and Small Dogs

Peter Burke

“For thousands more years the mighty ships tore across the empty wastes of space and finally dived screaming on to the first planet they came across – which happened to be the Earth – where due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the entire battle fleet was accidentally swallowed by a small dog.”Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide […]

The UK Internal Market Bill – impact on Brexit negotiations

Ian Bartle

By late August, despite all the difficulties in the summer, little seemed to have changed. The negotiations were stuck and it was widely acknowledged that top level political intervention would be necessary in the Autumn to kick-start the process. Well, the UK Internal Market Bill has certainly been a top level political intervention. Introduced in […]

The Great Brexit Hijack – The Great Conservative Party Betrayal

Paul Ryder

Part Two  – Referendum Lies Ed: After Paul’s popular review of the saga of the EU Referendum Leave Campaign, he lists the lies that sustained it. Here is some of what, informally, I remember from the Leave campaign during the Referendum: ‘£350 million every week for the NHS’ (Cummings, Johnson etc.). Clearly untrue from the […]

Spoilt Baby Boris

The Editor

The Cartoon Times has obtained exclusive access to a childhood picture of our leader Boris. Has this spoilt baby turned into the politician who only cares for himself and flouts all the rules going. Will he learn that in the real world rules must be followed and leaders must set an example. Let’s hope our […]

Letter from parents of university students to their MP

The Editor

Ed: We have reproduced this letter from 1st October in full and added our own cartoon to illustrate some of the issues. Dear [Ms Smyth} We are a group of south Bristol parents whose children are at university in different locations across the country (Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Belfast, Glasgow, London, with friends at many […]

The Great Brexit Hijack – The Great Conservative Party Betrayal

Paul Ryder

Part One – How it all happened The United Kingdom has left the European Union, after around five decades. On December 31 2020 we will be at the end of the Transition Period. All our existing national mutual arrangements, treaties and deals with the EU on all matters will end. Unless there is a Deal. […]

NHS Workers: Why They Absolutely Deserve a Pay Rise

Melissa Chemam

While the media have failed to report it widely, NHS workers have already demonstrated twice since July. Marches took place in 30 cities on 8 August, bringing together thousands of people. NHS employees held a minute’s silence for the 640 colleagues who have died during the Coronavirus crisis. Then on Saturday, 12 September hundreds of […]

Betting on a costly space race: MPs probe OneWeb satellite deal

Dr Monica Horten

Dr Monica Horten, a policy analyst specialising in Internet governance & European policy, has recently published a damning article on the procurement of a share in the OneWeb satellite system. We quote this in full from her site. Last week, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee called in satellite industry experts to […]

Can we believe in “Operation Moonshot”?

Andrew Milroy

The Government’s track record on “Track and Trace” gives us no grounds for believing that “Operation Moonshot” will be any different. “Track and Trace” The following letter on “Track and Trace” has been sent to many local newspapers, including several in Wiltshire as well as the regional papers, Western Daily Press and Western Morning Press. […]

Sooner or later Starmer will have to talk about Europe

Colin Gordon

Starmer’s near silence on Brexit is not all bad news for pro-Europeans. Events will soon force him to say more. The full text of the short section devoted to Europe and Brexit in Keir Starmer’s speech yesterday to the virtual Labour Party conference is as follows: “The grown-up way to deal with Brexit is to […]

Will unitary authorities improve the “real life of people”?

George Richmond

Mo Mowlam once said that “it’s the real life of people that needs change”, and yet we see with this government that it’s not the ‘real life of people’ but the structures of government and the authorities, that apparently need ‘change’. Whilst structural reform can help to improve the delivery of changes for people, there […]

Sporting Spoofs

Martin Griffiths

First up – Rugby … The Cock Up Times in a special rugby feature includes an interview with loose forward, Cunning Cummings. In the interview he reveals how he likes to pretend to play on the blindside and is happy to work round any law that doesn’t suit him He thinks being offside is a […]

We Need a UK Government of National Unity, Now!

Paul Ryder

During the First and Second World Wars, we had Governments of National Unity to guide us through those awful times and rise to the challenges of those dreadful crises. By and large, these governments worked successfully. We are now faced in this country with four major crises which together are of comparable severity and difficulty, […]

Ever Decreasing Irish Circles

Zoe Perry

Ireland.  So often a question and rarely the answer.  Back in the mists of time, maybe 2018, Theresa May’s government was mired in the “Irish Backstop”.  It’s difficult to remember it now, so much has happened since.  Whichever way she turned, her road was blocked.  I don’t need to rehearse the old arguments that eventually […]


Martin Griffiths

A London based individual, Mr PM Bumble, has reported experiencing considerable reliability issues with the car that he has been driving since December. Mr Bumble complained, ‘I had only been in charge of driving since July last year but took procession of this new car in December confident that it had over eighty improvements on […]

Binning the Withdrawal Agreement: Kruger’s “minor technical tweak”?

Stephen Stacey

Clinging tenaciously to the party line, Danny Kruger, MP for Devizes, tells BBC Wiltshire that the government’s coyly named Internal Market Bill, introduced last week, contains only “minor technical tweaks” to protect the Good Friday peace deal. He’s wrong. Despite its innocuous title, the Bill is designed to evade key provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement; no more, no less. It does this by subordinating EU law to UK domestic […]

Letter to Wiltshire Conservatives

Andrew Milroy

Open Letter to Nick Stovold, Chair of Wiltshire Conservatives Dear Mr Stovold, The Conservative Party has always been seen as the party of Law and Order. Defending the Rule of Law. Alas no more. The party of Margaret Thatcher is disappearing under a tidal wave of corruption and sleaze. Margaret Thatcher proclaimed  in October 1996  […]

Will UK become an “Aviation Leper”?

Guy Maughfling

“British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down.” Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph, 26 June 2016 A short boat trip across Mirabella Bay from the upmarket resort of Elounda in Crete gets you to the island of Spinalonga, […]

The Blame Game

Martin Griffiths

‘Blame the EU’. ‘Blame the Media’. Or even, ‘Blame the Referee’. We all do it. We deflect blame by blaming others when things go wrong. It’s easy. Just blame someone or something else. The buck doesn’t need to stop with you! If my football team loses this weekend, I can always blame the referee (and […]

The government’s deal: ‘oven-ready’ or half-baked?

Edward Mitchell

The Government’s internal market bill, should it become law, will override the Withdrawal Agreement Act. No doubt during drafting, the Withdrawal Agreement was subject to line-by-line minute scrutiny by specialists in international law and trade. An agreement whose overall governance structure, according to the EU Commission, ensures its “effective management, implementation and enforcement … including appropriate […]

A letter to Boris

Liz Price

Liz Price from Oxford calls out Boris Johnson on his unprincipled behaviour and asks where statesmanship went. To: The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Cc: Keir Starmer, MP, Leader of the Opposition Ed Davey MPLayla Moran MP 7 September 2020 Dear Mr Johnson,  I am writing to express to you my anger at your current proposal […]