Category: World Economy

We Need Smaller, Shorter and Slower Global Trade

Ed Sawyer

To achieve net-zero carbon emissions we need global trade to be smaller, shorter, and slower. To do this, we need to reconsider our dependence on materials and products sourced from around the world. As Brexit negotiations continue and the UK makes trade agreements with countries such as Vietnam, Japan and Singapore, it’s an important time to reflect […]

Better Together

Paul Ryder

In the beginning. When animals and homo sapiens were emerging from very early life forms, millennia ago, nature evolved male and female separately so that creating offspring would need two parents. This contributed enormously to their security and life chances. Later, humans formed groups and tribes, which further improved their safety and well-being, as the […]

What does ‘health for all’ really mean?

Dr Phil Hammond

We spend trillions globally on ‘health’ – from high tech health services to health supplements and even health food.  I regularly go to meetings on health protection, health screening, health promotion, health education, health and wellbeing, health and safety – and I work in a National Health Service that spends £120bn a year serving the […]