Tewkesbury for Europe asks “How Is Brexit going?”

The Tewkesbury Poll – Source: Author

How is Brexit going? Working for a better deal with Europe.

Despite a rather chilly day, Tewkesbury for Europe were out in the high street recently and handing out leaflets, engaging people and asking ‘How is Brexit going?’ Over 50 leaflets were handed out and, despite a few negatives, there were over twenty very positive engagements from those who filled our ‘How is Brexit going?’ survey and thanked us for being there.

This is the start of a renaissance and supports the European Movement’s ‘Step by Step back into Europe’ approach. It’s aim is a positive relationship with the rest of Europe, starting with membership of the Single Market and Customs Union. We need a better deal, maybe similar to the Norwegian option which better reflects the divided opinions in the UK and is better for jobs, business and cultural connections.

More interaction to follow next year. Never give up. We are European and proud of it and ‘there is a crack in everything … that’s how the light gets in!’

And from further afield:

On the action day alone, the European Movement had over 50 groups out across the country, from Kent to Newcastle to Swansea, handing out over 110,000 leaflets.

We managed to get #BrexitIsntWorking as a politics trending topic on Twitter, and Norfolk for Europe appeared in the Eastern Daily Press. We proved that pro-Europeanism is beginning a grassroots revival in communities across the UK.

This was the poll at Seaford in East Sussex.

The Seaford Poll – Source: European MOvement

The European Movement are compiling a #BrexitIsntWorking Heat Map, so please share this link in your social media to get everyone recording what their experience.

Yvonne Wancke, Chair of Branches Forum of European Movement says:

“As part of my role as newly elected Chair of Branches Forum of European Movement it has been great to get to know local groups from all over the country. There is certainly still a strong pro-European presence and a desire to build as close a relationship with Europe as possible.

Last week’s Brexit Isn’t Working Action Day was supported by a large number of groups throughout the UK, which was very encouraging. Local volunteers spoke with members of the public about issues of concern that had come about because of Brexit. These included shortages of food, HGV drivers and fuel as well as rising prices. 

Many groups collected local opinions by using a ‘localometer’ to gauge the strength of feeling and particular local concerns.”

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