We must protect Immune Compromised People against Covid

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Vaccination – Source: CDC on Unsplash

Ed: A reader wrote this letter to his MP the other week but the message is still relevant. We must fight Covid on many fronts, only one of which is vaccination. Many people cannot be vaccinated and need protection from those who are.

Dear Dr Murrison,

You told me of the long term dangers of Covid, that it shortens life. That vaccination protects people. 

Unfortunately there are 500,000 immune compromised people in Britain who cannot be immunised. I know someone with Fibromyalgia. Following the vaccination she reacted so badly she is unlikely to have a second. She was actually taken to hospital three times by ambulance in the days and weeks that followed. The reaction took months to resolve. That condition is now regarded as an auto-immune disease of course.

Is the government now leaving all these vulnerable individuals out to dry? To die, or isolate for the rest of their lives.

One woman in Belgium died because she was infected with two variants.

Relaxing restrictions in the height of summer, just before the school summer holidays scarcely seems responsible. As we saw with the ill advised Euro Final with 60,000 paying fans, others forced their way in and some pushed their way into the disabled seats.

Disabled and vulnerable people are going to be the victims. They are going to become second class citizens. Stripped of protection.

As you well know, vaccination is only one strand of our protection against the virus. But variants will find a way through. Masks and social distancing provide additional barriers, as does washing hands and  surfaces. We need numerous strands to protect us.

You will have seen that the Dutch premier had to apologise and re-introduce restrictions within three weeks when the Netherlands unwisely reduced controls. With new variants emerging, now we have Lambda, with exotic holidays back on the agenda.

Being double jabbed means only limited protection, organisms are constantly evolving.

The government needs to consider the needs of everyone.

Yours sincerely,

[Name and address provided].

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