What the Australia Deal will do to British Farming

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Boris Johnson with NFU President, Minette Batters – Source: NFU

Ed: This is a placeholder for an upcoming article by Liz Webster, Chair of Save British Farming.

The proposed “Australia Deal” has focussed attention of the media, the public and, above all, farmers on the possible effects of such a deal. Yes there will be upsides but the predominant thinking amongst small farmers is that this will be their death knell.

Many organisations are voicing their concerns. An especially balanced view is taken by Richard Young of the Sustainable Food Trust in this recent article. The NFU have been outspoken in their criticism as reported in The Farmers Weekly. Farming UK quotes one farmer saying that the UK-Australia trade deal will have a “huge environmental cost”.

Ed: As I said, this is just a placeholder … watch this space!

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