Work begins on Bath Quays North Renovation

Avon Street Car Park Bath - With permission from Miles Cownie
Avon Street Car Park Bath – With permission from Miles Cownie

The planned rejuvenation of Bath’s Quayside starts in the next few months, with the demolition of Avon Street Car Park. This is part of the Bath Quays North development.

The top two floors will be gotten rid of, taking about 3 months, ending in November. The plan after this is to dig downwards to construct two new underground levels, making a total of 320 available parking spaces.

But this is not the only part of the changes planned in the Quayside.

In the surrounding area, the Bath & North East Somerset Council plan to build seven new buildings, two office buildings, one residential and four buildings that are a mix of the two categories. The hope is that these will open up new shops and businesses for the city, as well as provide new paths to the city centre.

The council first published plans on this development in 2017, with their ambitions and hopes for what this could bring. The big reason it’s taken this long to get the plans off the ground was a mix of the pandemic and the council working with the World Heritage Status in mind, not wanting to lose it.

Please check out our new Bitesize News video on Bath Quays North and give us your views about this new development to the city.

Ed: It’s great to have another article about Bath following our video on the Clean Air Zone last year.

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